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Hi Y'all!

MASIS - Reversed, this reads SISAM or Si Sam.  Not to be confused with Oasis (the band or the drink) or any of Ma Sis(ters)!

RENEGADE_SI - Renegade as I have always been that way - a loner that fights for what he believes in.  Si, erm, cos thats my name.

So this is me. Oh well. Could be worse. I could be blonde. I could be Ritchie from the Manics. So, what about me. What do I like? I'll tell you what, heres some facts :
  1. Got married on September 14th 2002 to Sam O'Neil (wedding info...)
  2. Am the proud father of Rebecca Kate Hadlington (more info...)
  3. Also the equally proud father of Ben Jamie Hadlington (more info...)
  4. Now equally proud father of Matthew Rhys Hadlington (more info...)
  5. Born in Wordsley Hospital, West Midlands.
  6. Have three younger sisters : Rachel, Emma and Anna.
  7. Went to Swansea University and got a Sir Geoff in Computing Maths
  8. Drive a Mazda MX-5., but was the owner of one of the first Mazda RX-8's.  
  9. Now we have a Renault Grand Espace
  10. Oh and a Ford Mondeo ST-24 (well when Sams not driving it)
  11. Drinks beer (Wife Beater mostly), Dry Crisp White Wine, but anything...
  12. Mates with Bunny, Carly, Stevie, Richie, Chrissy and anyone whose name ends in 'e'.  
  13. Except Penders, although I guess he's Andy...
  14. Been to Glastonbury 8 times - 2003 was the best ever - I got into a band from going for a change - The Flaming Lips.
  15. Obviously love footy (Wolves back in the premiership please!)
  16. Was engaged to an American by the name of Robin Masters at the age of 18.  A great love of Americans still lingers on.
  17. Was World Computer Games Champion in 1990, appeared in Zzap! 64 3 times (still known by Julian 'Riggers' Rignall Paul 'PG Tips' Glancey and Gordon Houghton), appeared on Gamesmaster vs Steve Backley in 1992 and worked for US Gold for around 3 years.
  18. Used to DJ whilst at Uni and for a Pirate Radio station in the Midlands called Freedom 102.
  19. Became an uncle to ikkle Jack in June 1999 - Thanks to sister Rachel and David.
  20. Sam and I became Godparents to Saffron Ellen Knight in 2004.
  21. Height 6 foot 1 (186 cm), and weigh just under 12 stone (75 kg).
  22. Fave Song : 'You'll Never Walk Alone' - Gerry and the Pacemakers.
  23. Fave Film : 'The Crow' - Brandon Lee.
  24. My CV, if you're interested. (email me for password)
  25. Went on Holiday to DisneyLand Paris, Nov 7-9 1999 (around the time erm Rebecca was conceived - ahem
  26. Oh, just click me. (More Dad tomfoolery from Chris Gilmartin)

In the immortal words of Frankie

To those with a finer eye on the details, I salute you!

Renegade Snowboarding @ Serre Chevalier, France, Feb 1998....

Si Snowboarding in France Feb 1998

Renegade in Cyprus, July 1999

Si in Cyprus July 1999

Mummy, Daddy and Rebecca taken in July 2002

Mummy, Daddy, Rebecca and Ben - October 2003

Family of Four!

Mummy, Rebecca and Ben - September 2005

All of us at Anna and Matts Wedding - 17th December 2005

Now we are Five...(and no more!)  3rd September 2006

Now we are 5!



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