Ben Jamie Hadlington

Ben, taken on October 13th


Ben Jamie Hadlington was born at 4.10am on Thursday 2nd October 2003. 

Baby Diary

Ben (not Benjamin, thanks Frimley Park Hospital) was born really early in the morning (typical for a boy - I was too!) at Frimley Park Hospital.  So, how long was he in there?  A lot less than his sister, thats for sure. 

11pm Wed 1st October - Sam calls her mum and asks he to come over. 

11.10pm Wed 1st October - Sam calls the hospital, who tell her to wait a while, until the contractions are 5 minutes apart

12am Thu 2nd October - Contractions are just under 5 minutes apart (expertly timed by me), but Sam decides to wait as the midwife said the hospital were busy!

1:30am Thu 2nd October - Sam calls the hospital again, and reluctantly, they agree for her to go in.

1:50am - We arrive at the hospital - its only 2 miles away!

3:20am - Sam is checked by a midwife (the most senior one, but I wont name names!) after being passed around during a handover.  "We won't send you home, but you're only 3cm dilated"

4 am - Sam wants to go to the toilet, so she does...

4.02am - Baby starts coming in the toilet - a very apologetic senior midwife rushes to get the delivery kit in the loo - fortunately another midwife and I manage to half drag, half carry Sam back to the room 2 doors away in Room C.

4.10am - Ben is completely out after about 5 big pushes - dad the first to notice that its not just an umbilical cord dangling!

Ben, only 2 days old!

Ben, only 2 days old....

Ben is 5 days old here!

Ben and mum - sorry Sam - not that good a photo of you!!

Nan and Grandad Hadlington - Getting old Grandad!

Ben, 5 days old