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Before the Day...

Who?    Simon Jon Hadlington and Samantha Louise O'Neil

Where? Church :          St Annes Church, Church Road, Bagshot, GU19 5EQ (How to get there via multimap?

              Photos and reception :   The Berystede Hotel, Bagshot Road, Ascot, SL5 9JH (How to get there via multimap?)

              To view the map of all places with photos one one page, click here

When? Saturday, September 14th 2002.  4pm at the church. For those coming for the evening reception and not the breakfast (why DO they call it that? Because it is the first meal you take together as man and wife.) then this will start at 8.30pm. 

Who is coming? At the moment, the invites haven't been sent out, but this will be done by 21st July. We have a room limit of 60 for the breakfast and 100 for the evening.

Where can I stay? The Berystede itself has reduced rates for the wedding (90 for a double/family, 45 for a single room).  Liz Gill is the the hotel..  Just click the link for the contact details  Also (and cheaper for couples at 43 per room) there is the Travel Inn in Bagshot that is almost exactly halfway between the church and reception.  You can book online for both hotels, but the Berystede will be at normal price should you do so!

Whats the food going to be?  Not melon!

Whats the entertainment? A top 7 piece band called Moondance.  They've played in such illustrious places as Lands End (for New Years eve), Highbury FC and strangely at the Global Emissions convention in Holland!  They will play between 9pm and midnight.

Who is in the wedding party? Best man is Carl Neale.  Simon met Carl at Swansea University 12 years ago.  Unfortunately, Carlys been unable to shake him off ever since! Matron of Honour is Dawn Arnold.  Sam met Dawn originally at Farnborough 6th form college (where Dawn now works), but then again in a chance meeting in Tescos in Camberley 5 years ago.  Both are married (but not to each other) and Carl has recently become a dad to little Sam.  Steve Hayer and Chris Melikian are the ushers (more Uni mates) whilst Sams sister Charlotte is the bridesmaid.  Finally, our daughter Rebecca is going to be flower girl, looked after by her cousin Jack who will be page boy.

Whats the wedding party going to wear?  Sam will wear an ivory dress, the bridesmaids royal blue Kelsey Rose dresses (photo here), and the men will be wearing black frockcoats and trousers from Moss Bros (photo including waistcoats here).  The waistcoasts will be ivory and Sorrento Cream with tobacco cravats.  Simon will have an ivory and Sorrento Sky waistcoat and ivory cravat.

Whats on the gift list? There are two lists for those of you who may not be close to one of the two stores.  Debenhams list number is 864265 Marks and Spencer list number is 2124785 

Are you interested in wedding facts?  Why do the bride and groom cut the cake, why does the bride traditionally wear a veil (apart from the obvious reason - he he).  Ok, well follow this link. The music on the page is horrible!

Stag Do ...


Stag Do We went to extreme paintball and also hovercrafting.  Deano used his biking skills to great effect and trashed the rest of us.  Big ups to Emmas Steve (Sorry Mr Hayer!) and to Luke who also did extremely well!  As for the paintballing, thank God I managed to accidentally (and it was!) break my breasts before the fun started!  Could have used them in the final 'game' though....Thanks to Carly for organising it, and also to Nics for really organising it.  

Click on each photo for an enlarged version. 

Standing around waiting for Osama Well done Dean - the champion! Stag paintball 1 Stag paintball 2 Looking for inspiration?

Print quality (500k) photo :500k - beware!


The Wedding Day ...

Taken by Matt Blewitt 

Taken by Matt Blewitt

The Day after the Big Day Well, thats it.  We're now married.  Not all bad though,  it was a good day (We think).  The weather held nicely - not too hot or sunny, just right in those big old suits we had to wear. 

Highlights (if you think of any more then let us know)

Wedding Photos 1 Hot off the press, before we've even opened a single pressie, Matt 'David Bailey' Blewitt stuns us all with his photo album - click here to see them all (thanks Matt!)

Wedding Photos 2 Carly (the NEW king of gadgets and all things Dixons-like) has done us a full CD of MPEG video (theres 300MB of it so I can't post it all up here!).  However, I have posted their still shots (theres 41 of them - 3mb) on a separate page. Click here to see these.  He and videographer Nics (thanks a lot for everything again both of you) also presented us with a folder full of photos when we went to visit them on our way back from honeymoon in Wales.