Rebecca Kate Hadlington

Sat 29 Sep 2001 : Wearing Auntie Annas glasses to do her first impression - Jerry Macguire!

On her changing mat - Taken October 15th 3pm

Rebecca Kate Hadlington entered the world at 5.15pm on Wednesday 19th July 2000. If you'd like to read about her story prior to when she came home, click here.


Becky has now been home for a couple of months, and 3 months old on October 19th 2000.  Below is the latest update, with lots of photos!

Baby Diary

October 28th 2001

Click here for pictures taken of Rebeccas new room, which shes having her first night in tonight (ahem only 3 months after moving in!). Also contains 'Action Becky' - she draws, she swings, she stands and even sits!

September 30th 2001

Click here for New piccies up to September 30th 2001


March 31st 2001

Thought I'd try some thumbnails for a change - click on the ikkle pic to see the big pic.

On the phone to Nan and Grandad Hadlington upset? aaah Funny face! Getting Longer I want one - Aunty Em and Uncle Ste I DO want one - Aunty Em and Uncle Ste The best medicine - Great Grandad Rides

We're a little too old for one - Great Grandad Hadlington and Iris Cat in the hat Cat in another hat Cat on the mat I look nothing like my dad, honest! Playstation 2? Already got one! Mummy chicken and baby chicken Shades of Athena? - Great Nan Rides

If you'd like to see how Beckys length, weight and head circumference are progressing and have Excel, click here to view the spreadsheet

October 7 2000       - A letter confirming the examination performed by Dr. Puddy arrives.  Click here for a transcript

September 20 2000    - Sam and I took Becky for her first checkup at St. Georges, 6 weeks after she left.  Unfortunately Dr. Hamilton was unable to be there to see her, so a Dr. Puddy examined her instead.  As she didn't know the history, it was a little generalised - but a second opinion isn't always a bad thing!  As we both thought, she is developing not into a little terror (like her dad was and some would agree still is) but into a lovely LM (Low Maintenance Lee Priestley) little girl. Only one extra result, her CSF amino acids, was available.  The other four for urine, organic, amino and plasma amino acids "had not been received by the lab".  Well, as long as she continues to be ok....Date for her next checkup is 17th January 2001.

August 15 2000       - We received a letter from Dr Patricia Hamilton, her neonatal Paediatrician.  Click here to see a transcript of it.